Study tour

Post-conference study tour in the Marrakech region

First day : Vvisit of the city

  • Second day : Visit to the perimeter of Tessaout Amont: water mobilization structures and irrigated land using drip irrigation- Visits to Farms, Comodity storage and Agro processing units
  • Lunch in the tent next to the irrigated area



Post-conference study tour in the Fez region


  • First day: City tour
  • Second day:visit to the Project aiming at safeguarding the water table of the Saiss area- Visit to Farms, commodity storage and agro processing units

The main objective of the Project is to provide an alternative to the current overexploitation of the aquifer and local surface water resources of the Saïss Plain.

Direct withdrawals are around 769 Mm3 / year, of which 22% for drinking water supply,and 78%, for private Irrigation in particular. The overall groundwater balance of the basin is therefore a deficit of 100 Mm3 / year for the aquifer of Saiss (Fès-Meknes). This project involves 135 km of a water transfer pipe from the M’Dez dam to the Saïss plain and provide water to irrigate an area of 30,000 ha.

The project will allow :

  • Adoption of a water-saving irrigation system;
  • Valorization of the m3 of water consumed by the increase of the
  • areas of high value added crops ;
  • Intensification of agricultural development;
  • Improved income for farmers in the project area.




 Program for accompanying persons

The program of Visits scheduled includes:

  • Mohamed VI Museum for Modern Arts
  • New impressive Salé Theater
  • Potterycomplex in Loulja
  • Souk of Rabat, street of consuls thenOudayas and Café Maure
  • Hassan Tower and Chellah

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