ANFIDE message

ANAFIDE, is pleased to organize in collaboration with Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine (IAV), the international Commisson of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR) and the Panafrican Society of agricultural Engineering (AfroAgEng) a joint international meeting composed of the two following important conferences; (i) 5th Interregional Conference on “challenges of water mobilization and soil conservation in better adapting to climate change” in collaboration with CIGR First Section and (ii) 2nd conference of the Panafrican Society of Agricultural Engineering (AfroAgEng) on”the role of agricultural engineering in meeting the challenges of global food security”.

ANAFIDE was established in 1970 and is the official representative of Morocco within CIGR. It is very active both nationally and internationally in the fields of rural development, irrigation, drainage and environment.  ANAFIDE is also emmber of the the Panafrican Association of Agricultural Engineering (AfroAgEg). It is a Non-Governmental Organization recognized formally as Public Utility Association in 1988. ANAFIDE members include individuals or institutionsfrom public or private sectors.   ANAFIDE’s Board includes members from public and professional sector including engineering companies, contractors and academic institutions, etc. ANAFIDE has been conducting various activities to promote debate about policies and programs to enhance sustainable development of irrigated agriculture and water management related activities in the country. The National Committee has organized the 13th International CIGR Congress in Rabat in 1998 and also several other joint activities with CIGR technical sections 1, 2, 3 and 4. I am very happy o invite you to attend this joint international conferences, meet and exchange with other participants from other countries and horizons and visit the city of Rabat and other imperial towns proposed during the post conference tours.


President of ANAFIDE