5th inter regional CIGR conference

The 5th inter regional CIGR conference as agreed between ANAFIDE and CIGR Section I will be organized in Rabat Morocco from September 10 to 12th – 2019 on the main theme of “challenges of water mobilization and soil conservation in better adapting to climate change”. It comes after a series of previous conferences held respectively in China in 2014, Uruguay in 2015, Denmark in 2016 and Mexico in 2017.

Securing water and conserving soil resources for food under climate change is a concern not only in the arid and semi-arid zones but also for many other regions of the world. Climate change is one of the most serious and urgent issue for human society and global environment. It is to be recognized as an added stress on the increasingly complex and interlinked issues of rural, agricultural development and food security under demographic changes, overstretched environmental and natural resources. This is particularly true for Africa. During the last COP22 in Marrakech, the 3 A initiative (Adaptation of African Agriculture to CC) was launched.

Challenges to the climate change could be another driving force to improve water mobilization systems,irrigation and drainage schemes, soil conservation techniques, policy measures.They have to be factored in all processes of planning, design, implementation,operation and maintenance. We need to understand processes and impacts of climate change, what we can predict and how we can sustainably adapt in climate change. This implies revisiting Design and Operation Criteria for hydraulic,irrigation and drainage facilities, land planning as well as approaches of management not only frequent floods and droughts but also extreme events. Improving water mobilization and soil conservation will play a key role in achieving the rural water and food security under impending climate change, especially in the developing countries.

Many researches have been carried outwith useful outcomes in different regions of the world. The 5th inter regional will be an opportunity to identify, exchange about what adaption measures are to be developed urgently and implemented efficiently with the present available information including infrastructure and land improvement and institutional reorganization and management strategy for the extreme events. ANAFIDE, the Moroccan national CIGR committee welcomes you to take part in this conference and enjoy visits to historical and cultural sites during s the technical visit and post conference tours.