2nd Conference of the Pan African Society

The conference organizeers hereby invites the submission of abstracts  on or more of  the following topics:

(I)   Challenges of population growth and fluctuating demands, water shortages and temperature changes,

(II)  Development of irrigation as a sustainable approach to increase food production

(III) Increasing productivity while reducing environmental impacts, and maintaining food safety and quality assurance.

(IV) Building environmentally aware watershed models, considering the balance of food, water, and energy usage in developing countries seeking to adapt to climate change.

(V)  Provide infrastructure, logistics and institutions needed to reduce post-harvest losses

(VI)  Applications of precision agriculture in rural communities.

 (VII)  Engineering controlled environments for agriculture for a sustainable future.

(VIII)   Quality assurance and food safety.

Contributions  are invited to address the above topics in one of the following fields:

  • Energy conservation and sustainable energy
  • Food processing, preservation and post-harvest losses
  • Soil and water engineering, including irrigation, hydrology and water management
  • Agricultural structures
  • Agricultural machinery and mechanization
  • Development and applications of precision agricultural technologies
  • Environmental engineering